Turning an idea into a reality presents a range of questions and problems that engineers face on a regular basis. Is this the right design software? What parts should I use? Is this future proof and how can I implement the latest technologies into my product?

The Electronic Component Show aims to answer these questions through a range of technical seminars, hands-on workshops, open forums and case studies being presented in our Engineering Theatre. We are now officially calling for papers for these sessions.

All talks should be informative, educational and beneficial to design and electronic engineers.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:


Design Software


Cloud Data & Cybersecurity

Industrial Memory

UK Production of Semiconductors

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

Electrification of Transport & Society

Alternative topic suggestions are very welcome provided they are of interest to design and electronic engineers. Promotional or marketing-orientated presentations will not be accepted.

Each presentation will be allocated a 30-minute slot to present the topic and answer any questions before the next speaker.

If you would like to hold a session please submit a short synopsis of your presentation to jack.pollard@mmgpublishing.com by 23rd December 2019.