What’s my stand number?
We will inform you of your stand number as soon as you’ve booked. Please keep a note of it.

Can we have a bespoke stand made?
Yes you can.

What’s the size of the executive box?
3.37m x 4.65m, celling height 2.7m area 15.7m2.

What’s included in an executive box?
8 chairs and 1 table.

What can I bring in the form of promotional material for my executive box?
TV, laptop, roller banners, display cabinets, coasters, ect.

Is there electricity in the executive box?

How many colleagues can I bring?
Unlimited, please register on our website.

Is there electricity for my stand?
Yes, max 150 Watts.

Can we bring our own tablecloth?
Yes, please see table sizes below:

Silver Stand: 5ft x 2ft

Gold Stand: 6ft x 2ft

Platinum: 6ft x 2ft

What’s the maximum height for flags/roller banners?
2 metres.

When can we set up our stand?
From midday the day before the show or 8:00 am – 9:30am on the day.

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