“Generally, I met two types of people at ECS. Firstly, procurement teams struggling to find components. I felt for them as it was obviously causing stress just by having a shortage of what could be simple parts. Secondly, design engineers were getting ideas to solve their current design problems. These people have been stuck at home for two-years searching for solutions on the internet. Yet hours of screen time seem to have not replaced hands-on samples and face-to-face discussions.”
Powell Electronics’ European applications manager, Robert Webber


“The big discussion on the EDAC and MH Connectors’ stand was where IoT could take us and where connectors fit into the picture. IoT is the industry’s hottest buzzword, so we took time with visitors to discuss what this could mean for the future of electronics. IoT relies on sensors and data speed to deliver machine-to-machine communication, all of which need reliable connectors. edacJAX or MH RJ45s will be crucial for data transfer, and where environmental factors need to be considered.”
EDAC Europe’s marketing manager Rebecca Redden


“From European Circuits’ point of view, visitors we spoke to were specifically looking for PCB manufacture and assembly, several of which were looking to return to sourcing in the UK rather than the Far East. Questions visitors asked were mainly about our capabilities and delivery times.”
European Circuits’ sales manager, Philip Briscoe


“Micronel had lots of interest regarding supply chain and energy use. Visitors told horror stories of lead times ranging from 50 to 90-weeks. Many requests were for form-fit-function DC fan alternatives with better availability from Micronel UK’s stocked ranges. We also had good interest in our low energy rugged blowers as possible low energy alternatives to compressed air and side channel blowers. Micronel blowers are typically under 200W and can pay for themselves in energy savings alone within a few months.”
Micronel UK’s MD, John Roe


“The Electronic Component Show’s central location and exhibitor line-up meant good visitor numbers for Harwin. The team were busy throughout the day talking to established and potential new customers. Discussions involved new designs as much as they did the supply into existing projects. It was very encouraging to see OEMs send both their design engineering and purchasing teams to the show, giving us the opportunity to talk about projects at all stages of their development cycle.”
Harwin’s business development manager, Andy Brayford

“A recurring question from visitors at ECS was regarding supply chain issues, extended delivery lead-times and price increases. Although all customer’s requirements are different, we have certainly noticed an increased willingness from them to accept alternative components or make design modifications to address these problems. As Phoenix Dynamics is an independent company, we have the flexibility to shop around for the best solution and our engineers can assist customers with their cable assembly designs to minimise the impact of these issues.”
Phoenix Dynamics’ commercial director, Carl Kirk


“As well as asking about the manufacturing services we can offer, there was particular interest amongst attendees in the techniques customers are using to counter the current lack of component supply. We offered advice, based on solutions some of our customers have implemented. We also highlighted how building a partnership, where we are an extension to their business (rather than treating a job as simply another invoice) provides the additional flexibility needed to pull through tough market conditions.”
FermionX’ commercial director, Will Patrick


“ECS was a fantastic chance to connect with design and procurement people. We distribute industrial memory products and had great conversations, especially around life expectancy of various forms of memory. One customer was concerned about the perceived short number of read/write cycles on a microSD card. We have memory to suit heavy industrial use so we were able to provide a solution. That’s the beauty of talking face-to-face, people are able to chat through every issue.”
Nexus Industrial Memory’s, UK Sales Engineer, Keith Twigg

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